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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Role of the Project Manager


Role of the Project Manager


            The project manager is the person assigned to manage a specific project and is expected to meet the approved objectives of a project, including project scope, budget, and schedule. In the case, the project manager was able to fulfill different roles in order to make the project successful. The project manager led the project and provided vision, direction and encouragement. She made sure that the project is realistic, necessary, and well defined. In the case, the project manager also led in the project planning process. The project manager determined the schedules, resources plans, and budgets necessary to accomplish the project objectives.

            Once the project plan has been approved by top management, the project manager carried out the plan. This included carefully monitoring and reporting on progress, resolving problems as they rise, controlling any changes in the project plan, and managing risk. When all project objectives have been met, the project manager declared the project completed. The project manager was responsible for planning, organizing, integrating, controlling, leading, decision-making, communicating, and building a supportive climate for the project.



Functional Roles of the Project Manager


1. Planner – one of the functional role of the project manager is that of a planner. The project manager define the purpose and goals of the project. He or she also makes a schedule for the completion of different tasks.

2. Team Builder – a project manager also acts as a team builder. He or she creates a group and make sure that the team works well.

3. Conflict Manager – the project manager also is the one that resolves conflicts in the team. He or she must make sure that everyone is working harmoniously with each other. As the project manager, one must be ready to act as a mediator and diplomat to avoid the kinds of difficulties that are unavoidable whenever people work together.

4. Communication Facilitator – the project manager deals with many people. The project manager needs to train team members, cooperate with department managers, enlist help from outside resources, and reassure top management. The project manager acts as an organizer and operator of a network of conflicting interests and priorities.

5. Budget Manager – the project manager needs to make sure that the project meets its planned budget and that the deadlines are met.


Basic Skills for Project Managers

1. Project Management Skills – the project manager must possess in planning and executing a project such as being able to estimate costs and prepare workable schedules and adequate budget plans. The project manager must be able to analyze status information, prepare clear reports, and conduct project audits.

2. People Skills – a project manager deals with different people. He or she must be able to establish authority. The stronger a project manager’s people skills, the greater the chance of successfully leading the project team. The project manager needs to be a master at communication and have the skills to manage conflict and change.

3. Integration Skills – One of the project manager’s primary duties is to be sure that the many elements of the project are properly coordinated. In particular, the various phases of project work such as planning, execution, reporting and control must be integrated.

4.Technical Skills – The more expertise the project manager in the technical area of the project, the greater his effectiveness in managing the project. As the project manager integrates all aspects of the project, technical expertise is essential to identify potential problems.

5. Knowledge of the Organization – in order for a project manager to be effective he or she must understand the company culture, policies, personalities, and politics. The project manager negotiates with many people and needs to know their personalities, needs, and desires. The more he or she knows about the organization, the better equipped he or she is to maneuver around pitfalls and get what is needed for the project.


The project  manager at who was responsible for the Regency Condominium Development project was able to show the discussed skills in leading the said project. One proof that she has the required skills is the way the project turned out. The project was successful and the goals and objectives of the project were met.  



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