Currently, the world is experience massive changes in the environment that have resulted to different natural disasters and tragedies. This includes typhoons, flash floods, landslide and the likes that have caused death and loss and destruction of properties. One of the important environmental issues being faced by the world is global warming or climate change. Based on different studies, it can cause vital changes in the environment that can cause more destructive and dangerous calamities. Based on these events, the world had begun to realize that this is the right time to act by protecting the environment.


Why Should We Protect The Environment?


            The environment is the one that provides the different resources that are needed for the livelihood of living things, which enables human, animals, plants and other living creatures in the world to live well. Therefore, the study of the environment is not just important for the humans, but it is essential. In order to continue to survive and prosper, it is important to understand the different needs, changes and behaviors of the environment and link it with the different actions that are being implemented by humans (2005).

            The environment is where we live in; it is the place where in human and other living and non-living organisms are interacting in order to create a natural cycle. Everything of what we are now is because of the environment, individuals are dependent to the environment, from the air that he or she breathe up to the food and drinks to consume and shelter and clothes for protection. Aside from that, businesses and organizations are dependent on the environment, from the location of its headquarters and factories up to the different raw materials that are needed in order to create the finish product. Based on this, all of us are all dependent to the environment, thus, protecting it is our responsibility. It is important to consider the fact that we are the keepers of this planet; therefore it is important to ensure that the ecosystems function with harmony in order to maintain equilibrium and the health of the planet as well as of all the living organisms (2001). This is because if the deterioration of the environment continued, we will be the first to be affected. Currently, the world is facing the revenge of nature. 


What Are The International Movements For Protecting The Environment?


            Due to the growing awareness of the world towards protecting the environment, there are different international movements that are being done in order to increase the knowledge and awareness of the world regarding the current situation of the environment, at the same time, motivates them to act and change their lifestyles in order to protect the environment. Currently, different environmental movements primarily focused on global warming. This was started by the film by Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth, which enables to enlighten the world regarding the consequences of actions and technologies used during the past, particularly during the industrial era, where in different machineries and factories where implemented and used, without considering its negative impact to the environment as well as towards the health of the people.

            One of the most massive and successful movements was the Earth Hour campaign, where in several countries in the world, with the help of different private and public companies and individuals joined in turning off their lights. Another important movement is the growing knowledge and awareness of the people in using plastic materials, particularly those that are being used in supermarkets. Currently, different supermarkets, department stores and brands are focusing on implementing new policy in their packaging their products. Most of them are offering paper or fabric bag in order to reduce the number of plastic waste.

            In connection, different organizations in the world, particularly those that are connected in aviation industry are focusing on omitting their carbon waste with the help of local and international government by offering rewards and appraisals. In connection, in most of the developed and emerging market, the market of green cars or hybrid cars, running by using electricity, which helped to reduce the amount of carbon emission, is increasing.

            Above all, local and national governments, with the help of social responsibility initiatives of private companies are focusing on intensive information dissemination for individuals and families regarding the different tips, particularly regarding electricity, such (e.g. light bulb) are being implemented in different countries. They are being informed with the different disadvantages of using excessive electricity in the environment, and how they can help in order to protect the environment and prevent the further impact of global warming.


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