In every company, the employees are the main asset of the entire organization.  Whatever the outcomes of the productivity performance of the work force greatly relies on the ability of the employees   to work effectively and efficiently even under pressure.  Likewise, the growth and development of the company depends largely on how the employees comply with their responsibilities even beyond expectation of the employers.  However, all these things are somewhat impossible to happen if the management does not have the motivational strategies designed for the work force.  The motivational strategies and approaches are very necessary in order to see favorable results in the work performance among the employees in the organization.  Likewise, if the employees are highly work motivated and proactive; surely, they will do great jobs in order to achieve the goals of the organization; at the same time to maintain the industry’s level of work performance in meeting challenges in their jobs.  These work motivational approaches lead the employees to achieve for excellence as well as to build stability in the business.  In the contrary, an organization with low motivational rate among its employees has the high risk of internal and external challenges that commonly led to the significant reduction in the productivity rate of the entire organization.  This is due to the fact that the work force and the management do not have the common principles and goals on how to maintain the level of the productivity performance of the organization.  One of the most critical aspects of employees’ organizational performance is when the productivity rate of the employees goes down.  Maybe this is due to various factors such as personal conversations, surfing in the internet, taking longer lunch breaks that reduce the company’s time and money for the production process.  Subsequently, low ratings of employee motivation could be a big hindrance to the success of the organization.  And, definitely, there are negative effects on the economy at large.  Otherwise, if the company has a good reputation of having high employee motivational rate, it really means a lot of  business from the existing and potential clients  and suppliers because they all know the pleasant work environment the company does have with its competent employees.  Bear this mind; a good reputation of any organization determines its future in the industry. 



In this connection, for planning for motivational strategies; the management should keep up the spirit of the entire work force to boost their interest and motivation to put 100 percent in their work performance.  And, this could be successfully done if the employer or the management has the strong link or has the open communication line going to the work force.  The management should be honest as well as sincere in its dealings with the employees.  If issues arise in any condition, the management must be upfront about the necessary measures that would be taken in order to resolve the issue  and to improve the  performance of the employee/employees concerned; as well as the entire work force.  The organization should meet regularly the performance standards that are being required by the company; as well as the company culture and policies that are mostly implemented in every company. 


In view thereof, a company has to gain a lot in pursuing policies for its employee involvement in share ownership.  This can be successfully done through investing   in continuous education for the employees’ through seminars and trainings that can certainly push through the employees to work hard and to achieve excellent results.  The company’s success and achievements are best shared between the employer and the employees; therefore, to be able to achieve this level, the business partnership must be started within the organization itself.  There must be a democratic principles, social values and commercial drive that both employer and employees should share with one another in order to benefit each individual from the ownership, profit, knowledge and power.  So, the management should always attract outstanding achievers at   higher positions in the company; in order to maximize the skills and abilities of some highly qualified employees.  Doing this, would provide a tremendous growth and development not only for the organization itself but foremost to the personal and professional well being of the employees.  Of course, this could be best done through a joining effort between the employer and the employees.   Both parties should work with all solidarity in all areas that need more improvements especially on the side of the employees.  On the other hand, the employer or the management must be supportive and patient enough while in the process; to hit their common target which is to achieve excellent organizational productivity. 



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