Top Ten Most Growth Stocks in Jakarta

1. Perusahan Gas Negara Persero Terbuka – it is in the field of distributing and transmitting natural gas to industrial, commercial and household users. The Group has divided its business area in to three Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Distribution areas and one transmission SBU, namely:

            a. SBU Distibution I Western Java Region

            b. SBU Distribution II Eastern Java Region

            c. SBU Sumatra-Java Transmission

            Its major industry is oil, as coal and Related Services with Sub Industry as oil refiners and distributors.

2. Timah is a mining company business as well as industry, trading, transportation and related services. The Company’s principal activity is to act as an investment holding company and to provide marketing service to the group.

            It has 516,985 hectares of tin mining rights represented by 112 mining concessions. Tin metal, including its by-products, is sold to domestic and foreign marets thorugh the Company’s overseas subsidiaries. In addition, the Company is involved in coal mining and asphalt exploration activities. It is headquartered in Pangkalpinang Indonesia.

3. Bank Central Asia is an Indonesia-based financial institution. The Bank offers individual and business products and services. The Bank’s individual services consist of:

            a. savings accounts

            b. home loans and car loans

            c. remittance

            d. collection

            e. safe deposit facilities

      The Bank’s subsidiaries include:

            a. PT BCA Finance

            b. BCA Finance Limited

            c. BCA Remittance Limited

      The Bank is supported by 789 domestic branch offices and two overseas brach offices and operates over 3,000 automatic teller machines throughout the country.

4. Bakrie & Brothers it business includes:

            a. steel pipe manufacturing

            b. building materials and construction products

            c. telecommunications systems

            d. electronic and electrical goods

            e. equity investment

            The Company produces a range of products such as:

            a. mini telecommunication switching

            b. telecommunication system integrators

            c. telephone sets

            d. electric resistance-welded steel pipes

            e. longitudal steel pipes

            f. seemless pipes

            g. cement-based industrial construction products

            h. marble slabs

            i. corrugated steel

            j. cast-iron auto products

            It also provides a range of services, including cellular radio wave-based telecommunication services using code division multiple access (CDMA) technology, messaging, paging and cellular answering services, as well as specialized structural and civil engineering services. The company comprises 10 business units.

5. Unilever Indonesia has a business production hich includes:

             a. production of soaps

             b. detergents

             c. vegetable oil

             d. margarine

             e. ice cream

             f. tea drinks

             g. milk products

             h. cosmetics

             These products were divided into four categories as cooking and eating, healthy living, beauty and style, and aroud the house.

             The products brands include Bango, Blue Band, Citra, Clear, Lifebuoy, Lux, Pepsodent, Rinso, sariwangi, Sunsilk, Taro and Wall’s. The Company is supported by one production facility in each of Bekasi in West Java, and Surabaya in East Java.

6. Bank UOB Buana is a financial institution that has a products and services includes:

            a. saving products, which comprise saving and checking accounts, foreign exchange accounts, deposits and productive

            b. priority savings; finance products, which consists of consumer credits, investment  credits, export and import credits and bank guarantees; electronics banking, which include automatic teller machine Arta Buana, Buana mobile banking, Visa electron and Buana Visa card; banking services, which comprise money transfers, remmittance, trade of foreign exchange and safe deposit boxes, and other services.

            The Company is supported by 35 banch offices, 163 support offices, six cash offices and hundreds of automatic teller machines (ATM) throughout the country.

7. Bumi Resources is a business of coal mining company that has products includes:

           a. mining

           b. manufacturing

           c. production

           d. marketing of coal

           e. oil exploration

           In addition, it is also engaged in the general trading sector, the hotel and tourism industries and other related services. The Company has 16 subsidiaries, which principal activities include mining and marketing. One of the subsidiaries, PT Arutmin Indonesia, is a coal mining company, which exports the majority of its products to international markets.

8. Bank NISP is a financial institution that categorizes its products into two groups:

            a. Funding, which consists of savings and deposits

            b. Lending, consisting of working capital loans, investment loans and consumer loans

            In addition, the Bank has three service categories:Individual, Corporate and Other. The Bank has 38 branch offices, 151 representative offices and 34 cash offices throughout the country. The Bank’s subsidiary, PT NISP Sekuritas, is engaged in the investment management and stock broking activities.

9. Asuransi Jasa Tania is a insurance company that provides loss insurance coverage. It also offers:


            b. money insurance

            c. fire insurance

            d. aviation insurance

            e. motor vehicle insurance

            f. marine insurance

            g. liability insurance

            h. cargo insurance

10. Energi Mega Persada is a mining company that engaged in the trading services and providing management services in the oil and gas industry. Its projects include:

            a. Brantas PSC

            b. Malacca Strait PSC

            c. Kangean PSC

            d. Bentu & Korinci PSC

            e. Gebang JOB PSC

            f. Gelam TAC

            g. Semberah TAC

             In 2006, the production and operation from its Brantas project was halted due to accident in which mud flooding the surrounding areas.

11. Bank International Indonesia is a financial institution that engages in general banking services and in other banking activities based on Syriah principles. Its services are divided into four categories:

             a. Personal Services, consisting of Funding

             b. Credit Card Services consisting of Loan, Reksadana, and Bancassurance

             c. Corporate Services, consisting of Funding, Credit Card Services, Loan and Investment Banking,

             d. Platinum Services, consisting of Platinum Access, Syariah Platinum Access and Platinum MasterCard

             The bank has subsisdiaries which includes BII Finance Co.Ltd and PT BII FInance Center. Last June 29,2007, the company increased the shareholding in PT Wahana Ottomitra Multhiartha Tbk to 53.03%.

12. Indosat is a fully integrated Indonesian telecommunications network and service that provides:

             a. complement of national and international telecommunications services in Indonesia

             b. international long-distance service in Indonesia

             c. provides multimedia, data communications and Internet (MIDI) services to Indonesian and regional corporate and retail customers

             d. Global system for Mobile Communications (GSM) 900 and 1800 cellular services to approximately 16.7 million cellular subscribers throughout Indonesia as of December 31,2006.

             e. broadband and narrowband MIDI services, including frame relay services, Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services, leased circuits and Internet services, through Lintasarta, PT Indosat Mega Media (IMM).   





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