Assignment 1 – SHRM Scenarios



Using the concepts, frameworks and techniques covered during the module, you are required to produce a report in which you outline two alternative future scenarios for an organisation of your choice and the resulting HRM implications. Your report should be addressed to the senior management team. Specifically your report should: -


Ø      Analyse key features of the organisation’s internal and external environment


Ø      Produce two alternative scenarios that might face the organisation in the future. In doing so you should avoid extrapolating existing trends and focus on creating genuine ‘alternative futures’


Ø      Identify the HR implications arising from each scenario and make appropriate recommendations for their implementation


Your assignment should take the form of an individual, written report. Your report should not exceed 3,000 words in length excluding bibliography and appendices. The assignment should be submitted by Friday 25th January 2008. References to the literature or other published sources should be made using the Harvard system of referencing and a full bibliography of sources included with the assignment. Take care to attribute all source material.


Assessment criteria


Your work will be assessed against the following criteria:


Ø      The development of plausible scenarios demonstrating understanding of environmental influences and their potential impact upon an organisation in the future


Ø      Explanation of the implications of scenarios for the organisation and its human resources


Ø      Formulation of coherent HR strategies that take account of the need for effective change management and the development of appropriate behaviours and attitudes


Ø      Production of clear, logical and fully referenced report in support of the presentation


Ø      Credibility, clarity and conviction of communication





Assignment 2 – Strategic Human Resource Management


For this assignment you are required to select one of the following areas of HR strategy and critically evaluate its operation within your organisation (or an organisation you are familiar with). You should pay particular attention to the extent to which the strategy is vertically and horizontally integrated; in other words the degree to which the selected strategy supports the organisation’s corporate strategy and is integrated with other areas of HR strategy.


1.    Human Resource Planning

2.    Recruitment and Selection

3.    Human Resource Development

4.    Performance Management


As part of your evaluation you should perform a comparative analysis between your organisation and a benchmark ‘exemplar’, preferably from a different industrial sector. You should explain why you have selected the comparator organisation and analyse the nature and scope of factors differentiating your organisation from that of the benchmark organisation. Your comparator analysis should be based on in-depth, independent, third party sources and should form a significant part of your analysis.


The assignment should be in report format and should be addressed to the HR Director. Imagine that he will be interested in the basis of your analysis as well as your conclusions and ensure that you draw upon relevant literature and research to support your analysis. Your analysis should culminate in a clear set of recommendations as to how the selected strategy might be improved in supporting organisational goals and priorities. In undertaking this assignment, assume the role of a consultant to the organisation and comment on the key features of the organisational context.


Your assignment should be submitted in report format by Friday 22nd February 2008. Read your study guide carefully to familiarise yourself with the writing, structure and presentation of reports and the referencing of material. Your report should not exceed 3,000 words in length, excluding the executive summary, appendices and bibliography. Appendices should however be used sparingly.




Assessment Criteria


The assignment will be assessed against the following criteria;


1.     Business awareness – outline of organisational context, the environment within which the business operates and the nature and scope of the selected HR strategy in supporting business goals                                                                    20%


2.     Knowledge of the subject matter – evidence of wide reading and a comprehensive familiarity with the topic reinforced by citations from appropriate third-party sources, research and relevant literature                        20%


3.     Critical thinking – demonstration of the ability to analyse and evaluate both theory and research and corporate policy and practice and to make objective and impartial judgements about the real effectiveness of the selected strategy                                                                                      20%


4.     Application capability –the development of firm conclusions and appropriate recommendations which are realistic and provide value-added outcomes for the organisation together with an assessment of costs, timescale, process and responsibility                                                      30%


5.     Presentation and persuasion skills – the systematic organisation and presentation of the report so that it is coherent, convincing, accurate, reader-friendly and businesslike                                                       10%




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