“California Gubernatorial Recall Election”


Thesis Statements

  • The unpopularity of Governor Gray Davis among Democrats and Republicans paved to way to his ouster and the rise of a popular leader in the person of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who despite his popularity cannot unite California

  • The election recall in California will disrupt political, economic and business activities in the entire state which may lead to temporary disorder among the citizens.

  • The California Gubernatorial recall election will divide the people of California prompting economic and political problems to be left unsolved by the new leadership.

  • Despite the popularity of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger across demographic profiles and party affiliations, his leadership may not resolve the problems and challenges that the state of California faces.

  • The recall provides a safety valve for intense grassroots sentiment that Californians agree that this instrument of direct democracy rests upon a simple, Jeffersonian premise: Occasional popular protest, properly vented, can improve the quality of government.





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