Case Study of Video Game




            Today, mass media become the primary source of entertainment and information. Most of the time, people are more entice to turn-on the television set to watch entertainment programs. The more media subscribed to entertainment programs the more people are hooked and hold to watch. The addiction of people on media especially those which produce entertainment lures is rooted from the hedonistic human nature of man—the desire to gratify our pleasures. In fact, media theorists believed that what predominantly preoccupied media is how to create programs which are entertaining. In fact, even the news programs are not devoid of entertainment. Moreover, we have now what we call infotainment—a combination of information and entertainment in a single unit of program.

            One of the enticing moments that man subscribes into is gaming. Studies revealed based on psycho-social researches that people adhere or even addicted to games because of the pleasure it ushers. More than the surface elements it revealed were the usefulness it afforded to cognitive development. Yet, with much exposure to gaming eventually lead to addiction and destabilizing behavior towards other human psychological aspects.

            On the other hand, let us see how the main propagators of medium on games with its great impact on people struggling to market their high-ends products and assumed a powerful place in their respective industry. The use therefore of environmental and organizational analysis is important in order to understand the internal and external processes organizations undertaken in order to be successful in marketing their own products.

Environmental Analysis

            The political, economical, social and technological factors are primary forces which affect the marketing strategies of any business company. Vital in establishing effective marketing strategies are the consideration on the PEST factors. It must be pointed out that the treatment in making strategies should considerably favorable to the forces embedded within the society and structures it interacts. Hence, the industry’s profitability level goes up when these forces are being taken seriously. The three business firms which marketed video game products waged a higher competition by exquisitely use technology as the powerful means to take a competitive advantage. The technological innovation sets the tone for each competitor to develop complex and intricate products that would strongly appear to the pleasure of people engaged on gaming.

            The basis of competition is grounded on technology and marketing strategy. The use of technology as a raw material becomes vital to the creation of video game products. We see how industries develop high-end software and create artistic and sophisticated hardware in order to take an advantage from other competitors regardless of the expenses it will consume. The evolution of video game products and the innovative strategies of different major distributors and makers provide us the idea that in business like this “winner takes all” is insufficiently viable. Moreover, competitors still believe that through the proper use of technology and utilization of it can gain a “winner takes all” status.        

Organizational Analysis

            The strategic moves of each business firms like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Senga are different. Each of them develops marketing strategies that primarily hampered the competitiveness and profitability of the competitors. However, more of the marketing strategy is the strategy method of use how to develop a quality product based on highly qualified technological raw materials. The availability of sophisticated and high-ends software enforce the quality of products and eventually attract consumers. The “consumer friendly” approach irregardless of its costs is very important. To take an example was the problem of Microsoft video products marketed in Japan when consumers reacted negatively about the incapability and low quality of the product. In contrast to other products, Nintendo and Sony set a competitive atmosphere to gain the status of being a leading manufacturer of video games. Some industry may have lost its competitive advantage, yet, struggling to regain the position of being in the same line of those still in the power house.

            The highly competitive performance of each business company is notable and the explicit appearance of each capabilities show how the company’s management deals on competition. Indeed the need of effective marketing strategies and sophisticated use of technology are vital elements to confront and establish a highly competitive advantage against other industries of the same manufacturing products. Hence, not only marketing and technology have the vital role but also the collective effort and performance of people utilizing resources and knowledge in order to gain consumers’ satisfaction and loyalty.


            The ever fast growing of trends and technology today would be an avenue for any organization to wage higher standard on competition. The fact that in order to stay at the global club of powerful businesses, the need of having foresight to be vigilant with the drastic changes in technology is significant. Organizations now in order to gain the attention of consumers are not merely dwell on how to develop and use exquisitely technology and marketing strategy but also on how to manage the organization culture within and the knowledge management.

            These I think are significant too in making abreast with the competitive world. Unexpected changes and trends brought about the magnificent construction of man’s ability to create and invent things are brought by the power of our knowledge. Thereby the need to have an effective management of knowledge, the use of technology, organizational culture, and the exploitation of media are recommendable to further enhance and maintain the business power.

            If  and Microsoft are businesses which contend to establish high competition the need for integration of different effective modes in production available outside can be used.

            Hence, not only technology and management skills can lead an organization to a higher prosperity and profitability. But, the determination and the significance of various entities which are effectively discharge information and attraction to consumers are highly recommendable. Lastly, deep evaluation and research analysis are important and significant.


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