Questionnaire on the Effects of Social Networking in Ghana

Contraception Method Perspective

1)    In Ghana, study shows the effectiveness of social networking proven among women on information acquisition from connective links with village people. What benefits of information do men, or women, or any particular defined group experiencing a common situation, collect from village connections rather over other common and perceived networking methods? How do these benefits compare to each other and what benefits pervade to the very long term and why? Kindly define the major factors that convinced you to the selected networking method. What other influencing factors in your opinion may you consider as an alternative of equal value?

2)    In other countries the proliferation of cyberspace permit social networking use of the Internet with facilitated methods of communication that implement website blogs, Facebook, and chat accounts, pervasive in the attainment of economic and social goals. One manifestation social networking websites proved to be a beneficial niche of migrate ideas that crossover on a spectrum of social realities shared among internet users. One of those realities bear on population control reference to the economic effects of globalization and the rise of inflation on basic commodities. Studies show Africa is currently experiencing setbacks in coping with the crop industry due to infrastructure deficiency. On the contrast, Ghana determined with a succinct stand proving village networking as the most reliable method. How and why would you think whether technology is the key to enhance information exchange on contraceptives? How and why whether would these impact women with reference to their innate tendency of discretion driven by the fact women tend to be sensitive in gender-sensitive issues? On the other hand, communication and educational information sharing systems have thrived in the Internet. How would this alter the impression of Ghana women for them to diversify into other advanced methods of information sharing to meet educational goals on contraception. If given the fact the same group of women adhere cohesively to conventional method of village networking, what measures would make them to overcome attached inhibitions on the use of convinced power of the Internet reference to this perspective and why?


Local Economic Development and Trade

1)    The agricultural sector in Eastern Ghana, with Legon as one of the communities, experienced the benefits of technology introduction and usage which enabled farmers to see the rippling effects of production for the export market on specific crops. Out from the applied technology the attribution to this desired outcome manifests the ability of Ghana to accede to the export market demand, marking an onset of local economic development. Farmers learned about the use of appropriate technology for pineapple growth rather over obsolete methods on other types of crops, hence enhancing production yields from the enhanced agricultural methods that apply in the case of these markets. But on the contrast, no technical data is available on the test of other crops for production yields. Propagation measures in community networking among farmers attribute technology learning in agriculture. With the note of escalating agricultural underdevelopment on the opposite side of eastern Ghana, with poverty succumbing within the said region, what and how prospective technology based methods traverse to the underdeveloped regions of Ghana? To advance that area into commercial hubs to compete with standards and cater to export markets, what developed methods of social networking other than the conventional approach would most materialize these goals for economic development and competitiveness? The proliferation of the Internet has not linked to date nor related studies conducted current technology use in agricultural methods to communication technology the use of electronic mail and social networking websites to acquire additional and globally competent methods for education farmers need. How and why on the premise whether will this approach, in respect, be beneficial for the impoverished section of Ghana?

2)    There still exists to an extensive degree the lack of local financial infrastructure and institutional development in Ghana in which social networking serves critical to boost regional economic development. To raise and mobilize financial assets and physical capital are vital to create such infrastructures and boost livelihood mobilization. Vital to this mobilization for a competent market, what and how alternative methods need to be exercised to merge individuals, cooperatives, cause-oriented organizations who support farmers to large financial institutions in local and international levels in extending them financial credit to attain a globally competent commercial environment in Ghana for readiness in international trade, aside to cater to local needs in overall infrastructure development?


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