HSBC “the world’s local bank” stands with their corporate sayings since they are truly one of the world’s largest banking and financial service company in the world. With over 220,000 stakeholders in 127 countries and providing quality services to it’s more than 95 million customers all over the world. The HSBC manages to deliver excellent performance in services in all its endeavor and dealings. Through its corporate banking system they are able to unlock the potentials of many of its customers and shareholders. The wide range of full business packages to choose from is definitely a must selection for new customers.

      Their organizational structure comprises of business executives, dedicated manager and customer friendly bank personnel in a diversified community of different nationalities. This diversified multi-cultural rooster of employees gives them more balance and well rounded organization that makes them more adaptable in the changing phases in business. They aim to develop world class team members and leaders that will upheld the mission and vision of the company, they have learned to reach out and respect customers and employee at the same time. At the same time their employees have learned to leverage to multi-tasking environment to meet its standard in a professional manner. The way employees are treated here shows the continuous growth and success of the company.

      Diverse organization structure includes varieties of employees of different nationalities, age, sex, personality, educational background, culture, religion, physical conditions and upbringing. They have found competitive advantage from their workforce in spite of differences. All of them deserved to be treated equally and professionally to be able to perform well and deliver the kind of service upon given task. They have treated and understand their employee that they have their own responsibilities to contribute. Maximize your time, inspire people every day create an image of importance is their motivating factor to succeed. 

      Most of all they have trained their employees to their full potentials, their suggestion and ideas especially viable one’s is given importance in their decision making process thus the culture of encouragement favors the group to perform. Their organizational structure and culture includes;

·         Accepting diversity and multi-cultural environment and workforce to gain competitive edge and worldwide recognition more than management and executive but in every level of organization.

·         World class management executives that delivers only the best potentials and solution to the ever changing needs of banking and financial system. They have gained respects in multi-cultural and diverse corporate structure and serves as a role model for employees.

·         Personality development training program that dignifies an individual to become world class customer service advocates. 

·         Flexibility in working condition that eliminates discrimination to people who belongs to different colors and nationalities.

·         Giving importance to different beliefs and condition are upheld and practiced to ensure respect for different individuals and employees. So that they will feel accepted in the group.

·         Employees receive more than industry standard salaries and wages plus bonuses and benefits. Medical and Dental services etc.

·         Ideas, comments, suggestion, are accepted no matter how big or small if it is viable to the business. Innovation and creativity is recognized and rewarded.

      They are able to upheld high quality customer service and stakeholders division of share of information and in a systematic and fair approach for convenience and fair treatments. They are the priority of HSBC in all its endeavor and undertakings.

      Unbelievable a corporate bank like HSBC has not tolerate discrimination in recruitment beyond difference and background is not an issue as long as you can adhere to the commitment and services that are valuable to the customer’s needs, you can work here. And they have treated them fairly and equally.

       They are able to comply with international banking laws depending on demographic region they are operating. To promote awareness and tax generating income to the government that in return supplies the basic needs of the people in their communities. They have provided charity works to government and non government organization more than revenue outlook but a helping hand to that organization that are in need. They have shared voluntary works to help customers learn about financial sustainability management. All this and more are the usual scenario at the workplace of HSBC bank that is why employees and customers are guaranteed and satisfy at the results of combined effort to deliver world class banking and financial services to the world.




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