Ghana Government will be constructing 400 megawatt electrical facilities to further strengthen supplies of electricity to the community the prospected thermal plant will add up to the hydropower generation to bring more services to their people. This will also protect their country in major breakdown of electrical facilities because of climate change. The proposal development of the thermal plant is expected to be implemented in the next three years 2012 to 2014 this will solve electricity problem of the country but most importantly the project will bring hope and economic development.

      The fund will come from the National Government and the Millennium Development Account (MDA) and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCA) of the United States. This has been decided during the USA, Africa Business Summit of 2011, the project will benefit Ghana and Mozambique and it is expected to increase the electrical services for more than 10% of their needs. Source: ( Due to this reasons Community Access Television in South Africa has already planned on opening up more networks in major cities in South Africa including Ghana. The plan is expected to carry on diverse community shows more production, distribution and exhibition of programs in the years to come.

      The Ghanaian government believed that it is necessary to develop more educational program to be able to give more accurate information to their people that in most areas access to information has been somehow limited to radio broadcast and that the operations of television stations will further increase literacy in their society that broadcasting will play a critical role in addition to education, communication and freedom to learn. The government further request station to plan on television programs that entices more than entertainment but informative, educational and comprehensive business solution that can uplift the livelihood of their people.

      Local Television in Ghana including Metro TV, TV3, Ghana Net, GTV and Fantasia and other network also support in their broadcast the aims of the government to further enhance entertainment and business programs in order to help people the access to livelihood and wealth creation that they may even receive programs that are broadcast in Australian Community. The plans will really enhance media communication, open up business communities and may even break the monopoly of television stations. Local televisions should take advantage of creating an educational programs for children and business programs for entrepreneurs and programs in health to eliminate health concerns in their country. Ghana has taken its continuous steps to expand more electricity so that television will soon be experienced in most of their areas.

      Community Television will be the one to watch, they already started their plans and continue to develop to expand and gain popularity if the Ghanaian Community will gain access only if they have electricity subscriptions the programs will definitely empower people. GBC-TV in Ghana includes news and commentary, variety show, drama, sports and educational programs particularly their programs includes Science World that features comprehensive topics about plants, animals, people and their inventions and innovation. Hobby Time is a program for young and old it can be an outlet to crafts and business creation. Our Health is a program for everyone who wants to learn a healthy lifestyle to know more about the cure of their diseases and first aid home advice are all included. These programs will soon expand entirely in Ghana.

      The development plan of electricity expansion and distribution will largely exhibit a great help for the poor, the broadcast of Community Television and the participation of free channels in Ghana will ensure that it will benefit all of them. The Government and their people expected the participation of most TV stations of Ghana to further strengthen the country to showcase good reliable programs although there are still many challenges that they need to face in order to facilitate good broadcast entirely to the whole country. Problems such as funding, manpower and technical broadcast media experts, legality and rights to broadcast that most stations would need to confirm that their shows are legally allowed by their producers to release in national television to protect them from copyrights infringement.

      The cost of maintenance is also an issue that they need to overcome and most of all they must make sure that they do not exercise explicit contents using verbal word or written words that is bad for the children, they must also prevent the program that are sexually immoral. There are also regulations such as quality and clarity of broadcast and sustainability in order to broadcast the most reliable, entertaining and educational programs. Ghana has already started their steps to increase availability in broadcast media as early as 2005 survey shows that their communities rely on information; 94% on radio, 65% on TV, 46% on the world of mouth, 47% on newspaper while only 35% on local leaders. Ghana is on their way for broadcast media access in the next few years hopefully, if all this plans will work out perfectly.


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