Actually the assignment is a summary report of counseling emulation. The assignment has separated into 2 parts, 1st and 2nd parts is almost the same but the 2nd part is a bit longer and deeper in detail.

For part 1, I’ll attaché the marked assignment and my supervisor’s comment for your reference.
For part 2, i would like to let you know since there was a live session with my supervisor, mine is SESSION 1, her comment about me was i could handle the session smooth and good enough, actually everything was positive. Of course, when you doing the assignment (competency checklist), you can write some negative comments….Pls remember for the observer checklist, the content should almost coherent to counselor checklist. In order to let you know what is going on, i also attach the example for doing the competency checklist.
For part 2, you can see I’ve almost filled in part1′s information except the part of action taken, Pls help to finish it…As part 1 already get almost 500words, so the remaining part should be around 1250words is okayed.
i think the information and files provided should be clear enough to assist you to help me finish the paper, if still have any query, Pls just let me know
Thx for help again!



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