1.        Is this your first business if not, what was your first business?

Answer: Yes, it is my first business before I start this business I was working in my friends Restaurant before for 10 years

2.        What was your job before you started your first business? Do you think that your experience could help to run your own business?

Answer:  i mentioned I was working my friends restaurant for ten years as a chef , umm.. of course , that experience helped me to set my business up.

3.        What was the motivation behind your business was it only for earning money or something else?

 Answer:  Just I wanted to challenge in my life … because I was a little bit bored of my life and my wife pushed me a lot establish our own business ..Hahira

4.        How the idea of opening the Italian restaurants came to your mind in Edinburgh as a foreigner? Answer:  I married with Scottish wife, she helped me a lot open my restaurant , and I found that Edinburgh local people fond to go out for dining

They always seeking for something different to eat. So I decided establish my business in here.

5.        Why did you start your business as a restaurant owner? You might go for another one such as grocery shop or maybe pub? Answer: Umm….because I worked as chef for many years. Restaurant is most easy business for me to choose , cause I get used to it.

6.        Have you ever studied which is connected with your business, if yes does it help to invest your business? Answer: No not really….. I just studied history in the college.. I was searching for a job  then my friend suggested me working his restaurant, so I just worked from commit chef ,it was quite fun for me to learn something so I devoted myself to work his restaurant after five year , I became a head chef , it was big achievement for me .

7.        Are you running your business by your own, or is that partner ship? Answer: It is my own

8.        What was your target market when you opened the restaurant?

Answer: There is a lot of residence in here , so my target was resident people living around these area like a family… this area is new developed area so there is many young couple living in here as well they could be my target market as well..

9. Have you done any research before you actually open your own restaurant?

Answer: No…not specially..


10.What marketing strategies did you use to start your business?

Answer:  There was no specific strategy. All you usual run of the meal, find the right location, having the right concept, right location, right concept, being in the market before your competitors

11. we’ve found out your restaurant has ranked 50 place good to eat in Edinburgh in guardian.. how did you become so? Answer:  It was surprising .. for me as well..  i just served food with my heart , so words passed on mouth to mouth , after six month

my restaurant was rushed every night , I think ,I am owner of this restaurant and I cook my self , so I make food with special care for my customer. Customer is very sensitive they can distinguish what is good or not


12. what special care have you done for your customer? Answer: for example I check quality of stock every day my self , if some fish is not fresh I never take that fish to cook       


12.Could you tell us if you have any support from your family regarding to your business for example, any financial support or any others? Answer:  No I didn’t have any support from my family I just saved some money then I loaned some money frame the bank

9.        Are you married? , do you have any children?  Answer: as I married and I have one lovely daughter.

10.    What do you want to do in your future, are you satisfied with your current business or are you looking for something more? Answer: If my business is maintain like this I want to expand my business some where else ..  I just hope

11.    How long have you had your own business? Answer: Three years

12.    What competition you are facing right now? Answer: There is several restaurant around here they are all my competitors.. ha-ha…

13.    Could you please tell us where you are originally come from? Answer: I am come from Italy in south part.

14.    It might be hard to run business in this country as a foreigner, have you ever been  to bankrupt or have you got any problems to run your own business ? Answer:  I haven’t experience such a painful experience yet ..but when I stared this business  first six month was very hard time for me.. because this restaurant was not well- known , but now it is ok…

15.    Your business is the restaurant so you might have to face with the food and beverage regulation, I heard it is kind of tough so how did you deal with it?


Answer: Any business within this sector will get problems with food and hygiene because you are dealing with food all the time you know, keeping the any place clean and tidy’s quite hard. Because in the restaurant which is this much busy ..keep the restaurant clean and tidy 100% is kind of impossible. In the small restaurant it is easy but in a busy restaurant at any busy restaurant trying to keep it clean and tidy for example never mind to be just depends on how busy it is and then when it is quiet you will get time to clean everything properly.


16.    To what extant (which level), you think it is successful entrepreneur?

Answer: this restaurant has been quite successful but everybody have such a level of the achievement and each of them has got different level of the achievement. My level is different from yours and also your level is different from mine therefore I look upon this is just beginning ,just beginning

17.    Do you consider yourself you are successful of the restaurants business sector? Why do you think so? Answer:Umm… as I told you I am just beginner , my restaurant business is quiet well , but I still have so much task to be done ,  I am not successful entrepreneur yet.

18.    Do you think you achieved your goal which you had in your mind before you started your business?

Answer: I don’t have any goal for my life, it’s unlimited.=



19.    If we give you the number from 1 as lowest to 10 as highest what number will you pick?  Answer :Ummmmmmmm, let’s pick 5 because it is average ha ha …


20.    What is your personality? Do you think your personality is helpful for your business? Answer : In fact, I think the business in life really made your things because nobody is perfect in this world. I would say so I am seeking for perfect , that personality helped me stand this position.





Business information


Italian authentic restaurant


Restaurant name :LA PORDENONE


Menu is all of the Italian menu


Business size ? started as 30 seats  after one year  extended to 70 seats


Every night rush out , business is extremely well…..


Magazine Splashed out about this restaurant


Ranked 50 place good to eat in Edinburgh (in guardian)


Interview method : visit and face to face


 The reason why I choose?  Because this restaurant grew up within very short time

                        So I wanted find out…that’s why I choose


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