A Career in Nursing (RN)


A nursing career is a serious endeavor that requires certain qualifications before someone can become a Registered Nurse (RN); there are some important steps in order to qualify as a Registered Nurse, as well as before   applying for nursing entry level positions.  First, there is a need to take a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN).  Normally, Chemistry, Nutrition, Anatomy, Psychology, Microbiology, Behavioral Science and Nursing are common major subjects that are needed to take in nursing course. Second, after earning the nursing degree, there is an additional need to complete an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), meaning, there is a need to take a Diploma Program in a hospital. Furthermore, student nurses are required to take nursing training in the hospital.  They must be supervised in a hospital department. This   student nurses training in the hospital is usually a rotating activity from different departments such as pediatrics, psychiatry, maternity and surgery.   Those nurses who have already taken the Associate Degree,  have an option to enter a Bachelor’s program; this allows nurses to have   great opportunities in their nursing education and  career in the future. However, some universities offer Bachelor’s of Science Degrees in Nursing programs to other individuals who have already earned their primary degree in other fields.  The school credits all the subjects that were taken already from the other degree.   Transfer credits from the other school or university depends largely on the policy of the   current nursing school. (http://www.learn4good.com/nursing/how_to_become_a_nurse.htm) 

 Nursing career is the field of giving protection, promotion, as well as to optimize health and abilities of the patients in preventing illnesses and injuries.  In similar way, it is also a medical area where nurses are there to help to alleviate the sufferings of the patients with the diagnosis and treatment on various diseases.  Likewise, one of the jobs of the nurses is to help the patients to   act and response positively   to the idea that they are sick and need to be treated regularly in the hospital. Giving a support system to the patients, their families, and the entire communities is very important task of the Registered Nurses.  The nurses are only allowed to work in the   other countries or states if they will take additional license examination which is known as The Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement; this agreement allows nurses to work in another member state.  Today, after obtaining a nursing diploma, and passing in the board examination,   the nurses still need to go to more advanced educational program in nursing.  This is to be able to become competent in the nursing field; there is a need to qualify again in the national licensing examination called NCLEX-RN.  This measures the skills,   knowledge and potential of the nurses by giving them number of questions.  It is a computer based test, the more questions a nurse gets the faster he or she can proceed to the next level of the exam. 


Moreover, nurses have very serious responsibilities in the clinical healthcare industry.  Nursing career offers diversified jobs.  In fact, there are many different kinds of nurses, as well as different ways in obtaining nursing jobs.  Typically, nurses work hand in hand with the doctors; they work as a team. The doctors are in charge for the major decisions regarding the diagnosis, treatment and medication of the patients.  On the other hand, the nurses play the role of administering patients with health care in a regular and continuous manner. This is in order to ensure the successful and fast recovery of the patients.  Nurses have a major role in the recuperation and positive disposition of the patients; they are the one who regularly interact with the patients, give them comfort and oversee the entire well being of the patients while under diagnosis and treatment. In addition, nursing career offers very stable job and compensation, at the same time; it provides a flexible schedules, locations and varied levels of   responsibility. Many nurses   experience a very rewarding job. The average compensation for a nurse ranges from $ 43,000 up to $ 63,000. But, for the head nurses, they earn more than $ 75,000.  In the negative side, there has been shortage of nurses all over the world, that is the very reason  of burn-out  among the nurses; which caused by stressful hours and environment. Being a nurse require for a person to work even nights until  the next day, weekends  or holidays.  In the same way, nurses are also prone to various contagious diseases in the hospital, since they are working with sick people. Therefore, nurses have the strong stamina, strong personality, and must have the drive to deal passionately with sick people.







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