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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Research pre-proposal paper assignment essay instructions on How does growing up as an adolescent in a violent environment makes you become cruel to animals?

Write a qualitative research pre-proposal paper on the study “How does growing up as an adolescent in a violent environment makes you become cruel to animals?. The content of the pre-proposal should be as follows:
1. Pre-Proposal –
Background/Context. Develop few paragraphs providing sufficient background to describe the background and context in which the problem, condition, or phenomenon is occurring.
The Problem, Issue, or Phenomenon of Interest – Describe briefly but sufficiently so a reader unfamiliar with the problem understands the problem. Apply practical research or applied research aimed at practical or practice-related problems. The problem often reflects a gap in the knowledge base or a need in practice typically made in the form of a recommendation for further research from another researcher. Briefly document the gap to demonstrate that the problem and the need for research have arisen from your review of the literature. Identify the researchers, scholar-practitioners who have the gap or need or have called for further research addressing the problem. If you cannot find recommendations for further research, be sure to connect the problem to the related literature. NOTE: Identify the specific human service practitioner group the study will target and the practice problem occurring for those practitioners. My specialization is Criminal Justice.
2. The Problem Statement – Provide a single sentence researchable problem statement that describes a gap in the knowledge base or needed action (such as the development of a new intervention) to which your purpose statement and research question completely align.
3. The Purpose Statement – Provide a single sentence purpose statement that aligns with the problem statement and research question. For instance, The purpose of the proposed research study is to……in order to……(accomplish what goal?).
4. Research Question – what is the central research question that will drive this study? If you are having additional questions, remember that in qualitative research, the problem statement, purpose statement, and primary research question should be nearly identical in wording and contain the same essence.
5. Rational, Relevance, and Significance – Treat each separately by addressing the following:
Why is the proposed research study needed? Be clear and specific.
Describe how the proposed study is responding to a practitioner problem for which the need and justification is supported by the literature (research and theory)? How is the need and justification for the proposed study supported by the literature (research and theory)? Who is calling for this proposed research? What is the relevance of your proposed research study to your specialization (criminal justice) in Capella? What is the potential value of your findings to practitioners and scholars within your specialization? What is the potential value of the research findings to the scientific community in general?
6. Theoretical or Conceptual Framework – Briefly describe the theoretical framework that supports your study. What is the theoretical basis for your proposed study? What theories and related research seem to best explain your research problem? Discuss the concepts, assumptions, and generalization or theoretical expectations, and other related information, that make up the framework supporting your study.
7. Research Design – consider and identify the appropriate potential research design to research the problem for solution or answers. For instance, case study (what type? -descriptive, interpretive, explanatory, exploratory or evaluation). What is your rationale for selecting this type? Interviews, used to clarify, and verify observations and artifacts. What exactly will be observed and for how long, and how will observation take place? what artifacts will be collected and analyzed? For what reason?


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